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Universities of Applied Sciences Theses

Theses by the students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences are available on the internet through open repository Theseus. Instructions on how to save your documents in Theseus are both in Theseus and Reppu.

Theseus contains theses from 2006 onwards.

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Information Skills Clinics

No research problem is too insignificant - we are here at the information skills clinic to help you! 

At an information skills clinic you will receive personal guides in information seeking, help in finding and using the databases most relevant to your study subject and help with referencing.

Book a tailored clinic session by using our online form or by sending us an e-mail at tietokeskus[@]

Anti Plagiarism Software Urkund

Teachers at Lahti University of Applied Sciences have access to anti plagiarism software Urkund in order to efficiently detect and prevent plagiarism.

Additional information and requests for registration:

Jukka Pitkänen