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Remote Access: Home

Remote access: step by step

Most licensed digital resources allow remote access for LAHTI UAS students and staff.  To access Lahti UAS licensed digital resources away from campus you have login with your AD account to Masto-Finna  [Haka login ID]. Start your session by logging on from the upper right hand corner.

This will open up a new window, select the Haka Login option.

This will take you to the  Shibboleth Identity Provider Login page as shown below. Type your AD username and password to login boxes.

After logging in you will see your name in the upper right hand corner where the login button was.  Now that you've logged on you can browse Masto-Finna for digital resources and access them with one click. Use the link under available online and remember to narrow your search to full-text available.

After you've logged on and you've clicked on a link to the digital resource you want to access, you may get a warning about the website's security certificate. All the links from Masto-Finna are safe and you can continue to the website despite the warning.  Examples of the warning from different browsers and how to continue can be found here.

If you don't remember to login before you start browsing and you click on the link to take you to the digital resources, the system will ask you to login at this stage. The login screen will be the same as in step 3  Shibboleth Identity Provider Login page. Just type in your AD username and password and off you go.